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1917 Model T Touring Car Project

1917 Model T Touring Car Project

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The Ford Model T has an extensive history in the automotive market lasting for nearly 20 years. It is often called the "Tin Lizzie" and the "Flivver" and is credited with putting America on wheels. For all you Model T hobbyists looking for a rust free and ORIGINAL project car where all the hard, dirty and meticulous stripping, straightening, priming, and painting work has been done, offers this excellent example of a nearly completed Model T Touring Sedan Roadster that you can finish "your way"!


The vehicle was purchased completely original and in great shape. Starting with a very solid and rust-free body and all of the wood structure intact, the vehicle has since been stripped down to bare metal and restoration has begun. Many new replacement parts have been added. A few body parts, fenders, and the running boards are still bare metal requiring very little work for completion. The frame and body have been professionally primed and painted. Needs new windshield glass.

he original wood interior body sub-frame, seat bows, door frames, etc. are in remarkable condition with no deterioration. Features a sympathetic reproduction of the wooden dash and front floor boards. New seat springs and upholstery.

Engine and Driveline
Comes with 2 complete engines; the original that appears to have never been opened and a professionally rebuilt identical engine with full documentation. Features the popular Ruxtell 2-speed rear axle which provides 4 forward speeds instead of 2 for passing and hill climbing. Brand new Rocky Mountain Brake Kit; uses the rear wheels to stop instead of the transmission (Getting old Lizzie going is one thing, getting her stopped is another)!

Notes From The Owner
This car is not assembled, however, it is currently in a state where the condition of its parts are easy to analyze for quality and originality. There is no guesswork with this car and other than the color of the body and frame (already painted red and black) the car is ready for a new owner to restore it however they want. The soft top material needs to be replaced (not included) but all of its structural members are solid and do not need replacement. I cannot stress enough how great this car is and my grandfather kept the project very organized and documented. This car comes with many new replacement parts, an informative DVD on Model T restoration, and a collection of Model T magazines.

Additional images available upon request.

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